Alternative Energy Solutions

The differentiation of the oil and gas prices combined with the dependency of the delivery states motivated many countries and companies to invest into the research for alternative energy solutions. One big issue here is how to store the enrgized energy. Hensel products are used in many different alternative energy solutions and often also used for the short-circuit protection of battery banks.

  • Object: Photovoltaik-Installation in a metal plant, Italy

    Area of application: Indoor installation

    Details: For a big solar photovoltaic installation in a metal plant in Italy, ENYSTAR was selected by the installer because he could combine several technical demands within one solution.
    The DC and AC circuits can be used inside one distribution board as the boxes can be separated inside. The DC MCB and overvoltage protection for the different panels can be mounted on DIN rails and the many wires can be connected on terminals all inside the board. The IP 65 polycarbonate enclosures allow the mounting inside a metal plant with lots of dust and moisture and the doors offer a very good and easy access to the components. As in Italy also the design is very important ENYSTAR was the logical choice for this application.

  • Object: Solar-thermal system for hot water production, Finland

    Area of application: Indoor installation

    Details: The remote mounted solar panels, often on top of a roof, require from time to time remote control. This manufacturer choosed for the Hensel KV enclosures as protection for the electronic receiver that controls the pumps of the system.

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    Object: DC applications like battery banks

    Area of application: Indoor installation

    Details: The most common way to store energized electrical energy are battery banks. These are used in solar-, wind-, hydro- and other energy sources. These battery banks are also used to secure the functionality of modern telecommunication, EDP-systems, emergency systems etc. The huge possible DC short circuit current can cause big damages and fire. A secure protection against these short circuit currents are realised with Hensel standard DC solutions. KV distribution boards and ENYSTAR distributors for DC applications are very often used in telecommunication and solar battery banks.

  • Object: Wind turbine manufactury in India

    Area of application: Indoor installation

    Details: Hensel products can be installed in almost every industry where heavy-duty and high quality are required. In this modern wind turbine manufactury in India, the choice was made for Mi distribution boards as a reliable, corrosion resistant and flexible distribution board system.
    The required CEE sockets were easily fixed to the system.


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