Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is vital for all economies in this world. Here the production, trans- portation, refinery and distribution are the main industries in the supply chain to the end user. The availability must be guaranteed worldwide in order to keep industry and economy running. Reliable and safe electrical installations are therefore a must and the demand for high-quality products in this branch is standard. Most of the needed products are used outside of zone 0 and 1 areas, which allows Hensel to offer a wide range of high-quality products for this branch.

  • Object: Cleaning maschines in oil production, Kuwait

    Area of application: Outdoor instalation (in the desert)

    Details: Oil production needs reliable and efficient maschinery. Co weatherford uses Hensel Mi boxes with hinges on its cleaning maschines. These maschines are used worldwide in difficult surroundings. The maschines on the picture are used in the Kuwait desert. Mi boxes in degree of protection IP 65 are UV resistant, dust- and impact-proof and with this protection secure the functionality of the machine.

  • Object: Terminals for loading and unloading oil- and gas products, India / Dubai

    Area of application: Outdoor instalation

    Details: Pipelines, tank ships and trains are the most common solutions for the transportation of oil and gas products over long distances. Pipelines need pumping stations to keep up the pressure along their route, ships and trains need on shore terminals for loading and unloading. The power supply for these functions must be reliable and efficient as time is money. Here ENYMOD is often used for smaller distribution boards for outdoor installations (harsh environment and/or outdoors) to secure the functioning of the pumps, for the power supply at a shore terminal and for the distribution of complete production sites. The modular systems allows the use of a single box up to a huge distribution board assembly.
    Metering of liquids, energy, pressure and other parameters is essential in the oil and gas industry. The Mi system offers the ideal enclosures for this application with transparent lids, corrosion resistant and insulated enclosures, the possibility to combine several KWH meters within one board and to install the boxes outdoors with a degree of protection IP 65 and UV resistant material.

  • Object: Refinerie in Poland

    Area of application: Outdoor instalation

    Details: The crude oil needs to be refined in so called refineries. Here the power supply of all kind of users outside the hazerdous areas can be realized with Hensel products. Often the installation is situated decentralized and in the open field. Here only good material can be applied to keep the processes running.

  • Object: The pumping stations for Consumer, Czech Republic / India

    Area of application: Outdoor instalation

    Details: After production, transportation and refinary, finally the oil products like for instance gasoline must be made available to the clients and end users. Petrol stations offer special pumps that allow to fill up tanks. The pumping stations need power supply for the pumps, the light-ing and other equipment like car-wash and camera installations etc. Hensel offers different customized solutions for the the power distribution at petrols stations.


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